Hammocker aka Olly Darby.

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Since a very early age I have been passionate about all things outdoors. My love began earlier than I can remember, according to my parents I would spend hours in the garden making mud pies, sitting in homemade dens and catching bugs. But my first real outdoor memories started when I joined scouting at the age of eight. With evenings sailing and kayaking off the Torbay coastline, the latter of which I still get out and enjoy as much as I can now.image3

I am also a lover of all things bushcraft and this began with the help of a very jolly scout leader called Paul who sat me down at the age of twelve and taught me how to sharpen a knife properly. He had a great set of skills and I learnt much of what I know about the tools I use when adventuring from him. Sadly Paul passed away when I was about fourteen but I carried on honing the skills he had taught me and continued gathering knowledge of bushcraft.IMG_2174

My career working with children started when I was sixteen and began volunteering for a charity which runs Kids residential summer camps in the school holidays. This gave me a good footing to become an outdoor instructor. So when I turned eighteen and realised Education wasn’t for me I started my first real job at an outdoor centre in the Lake District. Eight years, three centres and many adventures later I arrived where I am today.

I am now based on the Lancashire Yorkshire border and work for a very splendid company who own and operate three Activity Centres for kids. I enjoy my job thoroughly and it has sparked many opportunities for adventures through the like minded people around me.

And may the adventures long continue…



Kiwi AKA Helen McIntosh


Contributing Author

Kia Ora!

I am a New Zealander who has found myself living and working in the UK for over a year now.

Growing up in NZ, it is hard to not have an appreciation for the outdoors engrained into you. My memories of family holidays involved a lot of walks as my parents believed that walking is the best way to explore a new place. I’d be lying if I said I always enjoyed this at the time, but as I grew older I became grateful for these experiences and began to seek them out on my own.

I grew up with beautiful scenery all around me but my family wasn’t huge on camping in the traditional sense. I think they found the car rides with with myself and my two brothers hard enough so they didn’t fancy forcing us to share a tent. The occasions that I did go I always really enjoyed the preparation and planning phase; sorting out what you needed to take, what you were going to eat and that kind of thing. I loved, and still do love, how when you’re out in the wilderness just taking care of your basic needs becomes more of a ritual- mostly because everything takes a lot longer.


Today I crave this slower pace, away from my daily routine. I am grateful to have been introduced to hammocking by Olly, the author of this blog who I met through our work. It has allowed me to make some great friends, chill out and now I get to share it with you as well.