Hello folks, it’s Kiwi here. Sorry it has been so long but I come bearing a gift. This gift is for the best recipe you didn’t know you needed.

One of our favourite meals to make at home is our infamous sweet potato pizza. Skelly loves pizza and I love sweet potato so it keeps everyone happy. This week we decided to test out whether we could make this meal campfire friendly, and I am happy to report that we think this is worth a try on your next adventure.

We prepared the dough in advance to reduce cooking time.


1 cup sweet potato boiled and mashed

95g of flour (can use gluten free as well)

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp salt


Mix it all together until it forms a dough.

Chill it for an hour or so if you have time.

We then rolled the dough out on greaseproof paper and put the sheet inside the pan that we were using to protect them and make sure we had the right size base.

When you are ready to cook, you simply grease your pan (we used a cast iron skillet) and place the base on top, followed by your desired toppings. We experimented with cooking it above the fire and then down on the coals. The coals definitely yielded better results and it was worth waiting for the fire to get very hot.

We forgot a spatula or anything to flip the bases with. However the dough is quite soft, so I think it is better to just let it cook through from the bottom anyway.  To start with we weren’t sure whether we were going to end up with pizza or some kind of scramble, but even the first one which was cooked up high, was able to be eaten like a burrito.

In short it’s not the most foolproof recipe but it is something a little different from your standard steak sandwich. The end result was comforting and tasty. Skelly went with the meat lovers flavour and I had vegetarian surprise so it is something you can individualise to everyone’s individual tastes. It’s also great for using up fridge leftovers. I think it is worth doing that prep at the start if you can to cut down on overall cooking time too. Particularly seeing as you can only cook one at a time!

The pizzas were a great addition to our wonderful, sunshine filled trip. We went to sleep full and content and woke up to a glorious sunrise. I challenge you to give the recipe a go and we would love to hear if you enjoy it.