Following from last months Bannock Bread Recipe, I would like to share an ingenious idea for your culinary satisfaction. I can’t claim any glory for this idea, it was thought up by two colleagues during a canoe trip on Loch Shiel earlier this year.

Outdoor Cheesecake.


Now the notion of creating a proper cheesecake whilst out in the sticks is a funny one, and this recipe does need a some pre-packaged goods. But the setting method is brilliant.

You will need,

A container for holding the Cheesecake.

Digestive Biscuits ( amount dependant on the size of your container)

Butter for base.

Cheesecake topping mix (from any big supermarket)

Dry bag big enough for your container.

A stirring implement.


Crush your biscuits and mix in some melted butter, until you have biscuit crumbs that stick together. Crushing biscuits in a ziplock bag works well.

Evenly place a base of the biscuit mix into your container.

And then add the mixed cheesecake topping.


Now comes the clever bit. Place your container inside your dry bag and submerge it in a Loch or any other body of water that is cool enough. A river or stream would work too. use some heavy rocks to keep your dry bag from floating away. After a few hours, Voila! You have yourself a fully fledged cheesecake in the wilderness.


Genius right?! All credit to Nadams and Frenchy for this fantastic idea!

Happy Hammocking!