By Hammocker.

It can often be a daunting thing, the idea of camping out during the cold winter months, but that didn’t stop Skelly, Opie the Dog and I from packing up our kit late on Sunday afternoon ready to venture out into the woods. Our chosen spot was near a beautiful reservoir which often boasts fantastic morning views, it also seems to sit above most of the bad weather down in the Calder Valley.

The walk in to this spot is about a kilometre long and just runs straight along a track next to the reservoir. But, being Winter, it was already pitch black by the time we set off which gave me a perfect opportunity to test my new head torch from Alpkit, which I plan on reviewing at a later date. ¬†Opie the dog has been enjoying some ‘off lead’ walking recently, which really gets my heart beating, but his training is paying off and he happily strolled along next to Skelly and I until we arrived at our camp site.

It didn’t take us long to get set up and tinker with our under quilts until they were perfect, the night ahead was going to get to minus 2 degrees! After the essential test hang, which can last for ages if you’re sleepy and comfy, we started to gather some wood for a fire. I used some fat wood shavings to get it lit and roaring nicely. Skelly had provided the beer and I had provided burgers for dinner. There’s nothing better than hot food, cooked on a roaring fire, in the cold winter woods.

We relaxed by the fire and enjoyed some ale and put the world to rights. As per usual, campfire conversations are my favourite! There’s always something magical about sitting in the woods with friends, and having a dog to cuddle makes it even better!
When it was bedtime I took Opie for a little walk around camp and then we hopped into our hammock. Opie is very good at hammock camping, he wiggles around a bit and then find a comfy spot and settles in for the night. It takes me a bit longer to get to sleep, especially when it’s minus two! But once I was asleep, I slept very well, all the way through until morning. And as we woke up we were greeted by a wonderful sun rise over the reservoir.

We enjoyed a morning coffee made with my new Aerobie Aeropress and some wonderful TentMeals porridge, which went down a treat. We were all quite happy sat in the woods relaxing in the sunshine, bit after an hour or so we decided to take the lovely stroll back to the car and head home!

This adventure was well needed, and really helped to fight off the January blues! I can highly recommend a bit of woodland therapy to all!

Happy Hammocking!