Lawson Hammocks Blue Ridge Camping Hammock- Review

By Hammocker

The wonderful Lawson team recently sent me one of their hammocks to test and review for you guys. And let me start by saying how fantastic their communication has been, clean, efficient and friendly. Which is of course a huge upside when it comes to customer service, if you have any issues.


The Blue Ridge is described as a hammock tent, and it certainly fits that bill. First impressions were great and I was surprised at how flat and large the bed area was. It’s a bridge hammock, which means it utilises spreader bars at either end to spread out the material to create a flatter surface to sleep on.


Lets get some stats. The main bed is made from waterproof pack cloth nylon with No-See-Um mesh making up the mosquito net. The included rain tarp is made from Rip-Stop Nylon and is very waterproof with fully taped seams. The mosquito net is held in place by two aluminium tent style poles, which are strong yet lightweight. The end spreader bars are a strong aluminium alloy and are integrated into the hammock bed using the suspension ropes. The whole system weighs in at 1.9kg which includes all poles, spreader bars and waterproof outer layer. The hammock itself is 90 inches long and 42 inches wide, this makes for a roomy flat bed to lay on.

The hammock is suspended with strong cord tied to a series of metal eyelets on the ends of the bed section of material. The cords then feed through the spreader bars and meet at a central point which has an attachment loop for your tree straps or karabiners. The Blue Ridge doesn’t come with tree straps or additional karabiners but most hammockers have some of those lying around, or you can pick them up reasonably cheaply.


As I mentioned the Blue Ridge is advertised as a hammock tent and the reason for this comes apparent when you see its shape and certain features. The tent style poles create a lovely arching tunnel shape. They also keep the mosquito net taught and way out of your face. This all means that if you end up camping somewhere with no trees its quite easy to set the Blue Ridge up in tent mode by pegging the ends out on the ground. The waterproof tarp fits snugly around the mosquito net and creates a lovely warm cocoon to sleep in and of course, keeps you nice and dry.

We have recently been suffering from days and days of rain so I was relieved when I was finally able to take the Blue Ridge out for a nights sleep. As usual with a new hammock it took a bit of time to set it up the first time, but once I got in the flow it was incredibly easy to set up. The hammock can be pulled quite taught without the bed becoming too tight to lie on. The poles slide in easily and the tarp fits on like a dream.

The Blue Ridge gave me an incredibly comfy nights sleep. The flat bed was wonderful because it gave me the chance to roll around a bit more compared to a traditional hammock. The mosquito net sits way above your face and the two internal pockets are ace for storing your bits and bobs as you sleep. People often have concerns about bridge hammocks tipping over as you sleep, but I didn’t experience any of this at all. And I tend to move around a lot in my sleep. IMG_3580.JPG

In conclusion the Blue Ridge is an amazing bit of kit. The attention to details is immense and it provides a very warm, dry, comfy nights sleep. The way it all fits together with every detail very well thought through makes it an all round thumbs up from me. If I could change anything it would be the weight and pack size. The system can feel quite bulky, but if you take into consideration that its lighter than most tents and you get the tarp and net included in the weight then its forgivable. I wouldn’t personally use this system on one night trips regularly, but for more than one night it would be my go to set up.

A big thumbs up from Hammocker to the Lawson team. You have created a brilliant system. Check out the website.

Happy Hammocking!
The equipment featured in this review has been sent to Hammocker Ltd in exchange for this post. The review contains the honest and truthful opinions of The Hammocker team at the time the post was written. Hammocker Ltd is not affiliated with Lawson Hammocks in any official way. 




  1. Hi Hammocker! I want to buy a camping hammock for two. Which do you suggest?

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