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Hobo Hammocks Double Hammock- Review

Today I would like to bring you our review of the Double Camping Hammock. Made by the very lovely folks over at Hobo Hammocks. But before we talk about the hammock itself, lets talk a little bit about the company and why they are called Hobo Hammocks.


It’s very simple really. Every time someone buys one of their hammocks, they provide a meal to a homeless person. They work with organisations who already tend to the homeless and have helped many, many people have a hot meal whilst living on the streets. Now isn’t that lovely! I also have to add that Hobo Hammocks were a pleasure to deal with and incredibly friendly to talk to.


The hammock in question today is the Double Hammock. Its wider than your standard hammock and measures in at 10ft by 6.5ft, which is massive! It is made out of parachute Nylon and weighs in at just over 700g according to my scales, but that does include the two 10ft straps, steel carabiners for suspension and  an attached stuff sack. The Hobo Hammock retails at $59, which is a very reasonable price for an all-inclusive setup. The Hammock has been weight tested up to a massive 540lbs too!


I have spent many hours in the garden relaxing in the hammock, and spent the night in it recently on an adventure to the beautiful reservoir spot. The first thing I’ll mention is the material. It is incredibly comfy on the skin and feels very sturdy, with not as much stretch as some other materials that I’ve tested. The straps are plenty long enough for every normal hammocking spot, and seem incredibly well stitched and manufactured. I used two half hitches onto the carabiner to suspend it.


I found the hammock incredibly comfortable to sleep in, but of course that may be different for you. But to give you an idea, I am 6ft4 and rather wide, and it fitted me like a dream. Because it’s extra wide it does have two extra panels of material stitched to either side. I was worried this stitching would be uncomfortable to lay on during the night, but I didn’t even notice it. The join is also triple stitched with high strength thread and does not look like it will go anywhere anytime soon. And if the hammock does break, not to worry as Hobo Hammocks provide a lifetime guarantee on their hammocks.


In conclusion the Hobo Hammock is a great bit of kit. I love the fact that one purchase can get you hanging and off the ground. And when you purchase you know you’re helping out a homeless person by providing a hot meal! An all round great product, within a good price range. We recommend the Hobo Hammock to anyone who intends to camp away from bugs!

Happy Hammocking!

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 The equipment featured in this review has been sent to Hammocker Ltd in exchange for this post. The review contains the honest and truthful opinions of the Hammocker team at the time the post was written. Hammocker Ltd is not affiliated with Hobo Hammocks in any official capacity.

Scorching Scotland Part 1

By Kiwi.

The company that Mr Hammocker and I work for gives us the opportunity to sign up for an expedition adventure once a year.  This time I opted for the same canoe trip that was chronicled on here  this time last year: a journey around Scotland beginning at Loch Shiel.

All great adventures begin with an early start and a long journey. This particular trip offered up a 7:30am start and a 7 hour drive up to Fort William. We took it pretty easy, with many food and rest stops. It was a beautiful day, so it was a shame to have to spend it in a car. I was worried we were missing the best weather we were going to get. I needn’t have worried.

We knew we’d made it to Scotland when one of our party introduced us to Iron Bru  ice-cream. After a few last-minute items were picked up, we made our way to our campsite in Fort William.

Three of us set up our hammocks in the woods at the back of the campsite. All of us were in Rogue Hammocks which meant we got to put a lot of kit through its paces. We were glad to have finished our midge net design, because we sure needed them!


We soaked up the rest of the evening sun and prepared our evening meals. Myself and Skelly were determined to not the be the victims of food envy, so started off with a good old adventure steak. We treated ourselves to a loaf of tiger bread and some avocado because we would be eating them on the first night, so we didn’t have to carry them far. I packed us a few small Tupperware pots of sauces and things that make camping meals feel a little more luxurious. That and our new cast iron pan gave us the most tasty steak I can remember eating.

My already happy tummy was then treated to some sticky toffee pudding. We had been given the task in our boat pairs of coming up with a dessert to feed half of the group. As it turned out we all over-catered and one dessert tended to be more than enough for everyone.

Once the sun finally set, it was time to escape the midges and head for our hammocks. We were trialling our new removal midge nets and I found getting in without letting any midges in to be a little bit of a challenge. Once in though, I had a marvellous sleep until about 6:30 in the morning, when I woke up to midges having breakfast on my face. I realised when I was packing down that I had foolishly underestimated the determination of the Scottish midge. It turned out that one of the ends could have been cinched a little bit more as it left a tiny gap big enough to let a few families worth through. I can assure you I didn’t make that mistake again!


Pack down in the morning was super slick thanks to our new snakeskins. We made them big enough to hold our tarps, midge nets, hammocks and underquilts. This makes them pretty heavy but it still speeds set up and take down hugely. This left us with enough time for a leisurely breakfast, ready for a day of paddling!


Tune in soon for part two!

Happy Hammocking!

Emberlit Titanium Backpacking Stove- Review

I was over the moon when the kind folks over at Emberlit sent me one of their stoves to test and review for you guys. Like lots of outdoor folk I like to try to minimise weight in my kit. And a lightweight stove is a great way to start!


The market for lightweight, packable wood stoves has boomed in the last five years and Emberlit offer some fantastic options. The Titanium backpacking stove is designed as a wood burning stove, which means there is no need to carry extra fuel, just the means to light a fire. It is made from five pieces of machined titanium sheet, and clicks together like a very simple jigsaw. It has holes machined into the design for good airflow and has two small lengths of titanium that slot together to make a really sturdy pot stand.

The stove weighs in at around 225g including the case that it slots nicely into. It retails at $84.99, which does seem quite expensive for a stove. But the quality makes up for that. It comes with a handy case which has setup instructions printed on.

I found the stove incredibly easy to use, after lighting a small fire inside the airflow holes did their job spectacularly, although be aware of them clogging up after extended use. Easy to fix by poking the ash out-of-the-way with a twig. Once roaring it’s very easy to stock up the fuel by using the hole on the front, which is perfectly sized for the right amount of fuel. Once going I would say that sticks with the same girth as your index finger work best. It doesn’t matter how long the sticks are because you can feed them in slowly as they burn away.


The stove is so light and easy to put together and dismantle that it’s a winner in my eyes. And on longer trips that could potentially only provide very wet sticks I would take an alcohol burner to put inside as a more reliable source of fuel. It works fantastically with a Trangia style burner.

In conclusion the Emberlit Titanium Backpacking Stove is a work of art. Its simple design really, really works as it should. The airflow is fantastic and the workmanship is spot on. We highly recommend grabbing yourself one!

Happy Hammocking!

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The equipment featured in this review has been sent to Hammocker Ltd in exchange for this post. The review contains the honest and truthful opinions of the Hammocker team at the time the post was written. Hammocker Ltd is not affiliated with Emberlit in any official capacity. 


Big T’s Beef Jerky- Review

If you are an avid reader of this blog then you will already know that we love food. Specifically food that is suited to camping, but is still super tasty. Recently Big T himself sent us some of his organic beef jerky to enjoy, so we can share our thoughts with you all.


Big T’s make jerky from pasture raised cattle that are grass fed on Northumbrian farms. It’s made from lean meat and the fat is trimmed away by hand. The jerky is free from artificial ingredients, nitrates, MSG and GMO’s. Their main focus is the fitness market but they would like to branch out into the outdoor market, hence this review.


Big T sent us four of their flavours to try out. Smoky BBQ, Chilli Beef, Tamarind Chipotle and Sechuan Ginger. All of which tasted fantastic and were very moreish. I took a packet on a recent trip to the woods and it was a very welcome extra snack whilst out camping. The Packages only weigh 45g so you would struggle to notice them in your pack. And each 45g packet has 300 calories. They retail at £3 a packet, which I feel is a reasonable price for a quality product especially if you compare it to supermarket jerky, which doesn’t taste anywhere near as good as Big T’s.

These products would be fantastic to have in a pocket on a walk or as an extra bit of camp chow. And I could se myself buying some to compliment an expedition menu as an extra treat to keep me happy!

We highly recommend Big T’s Jerky here at Hammocker HQ and suggest you try some!

Happy Hammocking!

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The products featured in this review have been sent to Hammocker Ltd in exchange for this post. The review contains the honest and truthful opinions of the Hammocker team at the time the post was written. Hammocker Ltd is not affiliated with Big T’s in any official capacity.

The Spice of Life

By Kiwi.

I haven’t written a trip review for a wee while now. This isn’t because I haven’t been on any. Quite the contrary, I’ve made it out loads over the past few months. It’s only now that I find myself in a bit of a dry spell that I am taking the time to reflect on them.

One of the best things that has been happening lately, is a higher frequency of new hammock campers joining us out on some adventures. I’ve talked before about how passionate people can be inadvertently off-putting to potential recruits. It’s been nice to feel like that’s not the case and our hammock community is growing. I think we may have the ever-so-slightly rising temperatures to thank for that as well as the pull of our delightful company. Seeing our friends enjoying being outside in hammocks brings me a lot of joy.


Lot’s of people have called me crazy when I’ve mentioned that I’m going out in the hammock in perhaps less than ideal conditions. Yet often those trips are the very best ones because you feel so accomplished when you manage to feed and keep yourself warm in spite of the elements. Finding dry firewood has been our only major hassle as we live in a place that likes to keep itself well hydrated. Aside from that, the only barrier is mental. I am at the stage now where I know what I need to have with me to keep nice and toasty, even in sub-zero conditions!


Something struck me on a trip where we made a snap decision on our spot for the night. We ended up stopping earlier than planned because we stumbled across a beautiful waterfall. So serene, we were willing to risk the potential for a lot of wild weeing being required. The trees were a scattered clump next to the stream and it took a bit of creativity to get the four of us set up. It was as we stood there that I had my little reflective moment. I thought to myself: “Isn’t it cool that we can do this and that we have options. No one in a tent gets to change the size of the ground or add extensions to it. It’s either flat and big enough, or it isn’t. Or something like that anyway.


I love the freedom that I feel when I am swinging in my hammock. There are so few rules and restrictions, the limit is your creativity. In saying that, there is one rule that was discovered and set after a very wet trip to the Lake District. We made the mistake of leaving an established spot in search of an unknown one. I don’t want to go into too much detail because we vowed not to talk about it again. A pact was made that we would never again search for a spot in an unknown place, in the dark. Sounds obvious but sometimes these things need to be tested to be believed.


I started this post not really sure what I would write about. I was inspired by Mr Hammocker’s post about why he goes adventuring, to share with you a bit of what has been going on with me. Hopefully giving you the sense of how every trip is different which is why you need to keep getting outside again and again, whenever you can!


I am asked the question why? on quite a regular basis. Why do you go camping when you could sleep in a warm bed? Why don’t you stay in and watch a film instead? Why not wait until the summer? The list could go on, but you get the idea. Lots of doubt surrounds going and doing something different or trying something new. Often sparked from a lack of understanding. I myself have been invited to do things and said no. But when I have said yes, I have nearly always been pleasantly surprised.


I spend many nights out in the woods and try to get out most weekends if I can. It could be a leisurely hammocking trip, or reviewing a new bit of gear. But it’s always an adventure of some kind. Our adventures help me to relax, unwind and get out of the house. They help me to see the world in a healthier light. And one thing I really love, is seeing people enjoy it for the first time, especially when I have helped them along the way.


If you are asking yourself whether you should bite the bullet and go on an adventure, whatever form it takes. Ask yourself, is no really the right answer? Also if someone invites you to go along on an adventure of their own, think long and hard about your answer. You never know, it might be amazing.


This time last year was only a few  months old, friends and colleagues began asking me what it was all about. Since then around ten have become regular hammockers, and share adventures with me. I have grown closer to every single one of them, and got to know them better than I would have without chatting around a campfire, out in the peace and quiet. Two of them have even started their own custom hammock business,!


I want you all to make me a promise. The next time someone asks you to try something new, go and try it, at least once. And you might find your new passion! Also if someones asks you why you go and camp out in the woods tell them and show them how amazing an adventure can be! And maybe then, they’ll stop asking why!

Happy Hammocking!

Amazonas T-Strap- Review

By Kiwi.

There are many different types of hammock suspension available on the market. Most people will try a few different systems before settling on a favourite, so I feel pretty lucky to have the Amazonas T-Straps as a part of my kit.

They weigh in at 400g with a weight rating of 200kg per strap. The webbing measures about 2.2m per strap. All of the materials have a quality feel about them so you can be confident that they are well up to the task of keeping you off the ground. They retail for about £30 which could be seen as being on the high end of the scale.

The best thing about them however, is undoubtedly how simple they are to use. The system uses webbing with a loop on one end, an aluminium toggle and a cinch buckle. All that is required is for you to loop the webbing behind the tree; thread the toggle end through the webbing loop; hook your hammock on the toggle and then adjust the cinch buckles as desired. It’s as easy as that.

Sometimes getting your hammock at a comfy angle is tough, so it’s really nice that little and big adjustments can be made, with minimum effort.

Suspension systems are about personal preference but this is most certainly one of the most simple systems I have come across. Some people may think they are a bit bulky or heavy, but I personally prefer the thing that is holding me up in the air to have a bit of substance to it.

If you’re a no fuss no frills kinda gal (or guy) like myself, then you won’t regret giving the Amazonas T-Straps a whirl.
The equipment featured in this review has been sent to Hammocker Ltd in exchange for this post. The review contains the honest and truthful opinions of the Hammocker team at the time the post was written. Hammocker Ltd is not affiliated with Amazonas in any official capacity.


A Family Affair.

By Hammocker.

I am lucky enough to be part of a very adventurous family. Throughout my childhood my parents would always make sure that the outdoors was a big part of our upbringing. This is probably the reason that adventure is now such a big part of my life. So it was lovely that I had the chance to repay the favour and take my parents and sister out hammocking this Easter. For the purpose of this blog my Mum will be known as Blonde Two, My Dad is Mr Bikepacker and my Sister is Spud.

I bought Mr Bikepacker a hammock for his birthday last year, and Spud one for Christmas. Blonde Two remains hammockless, so I lent her the Hennessy Jungle Explorer Zip from my collection. With all the kit shared out amongst our rucksacks we set off, headed for the lovely reservoir spot that was featured in Reservoir Bliss a few weeks ago.

We parked up and started the twenty-minute walk along the reservoir track towards our home for the night. The wind was blowing us around a but during the walk, as we navigated some pretty deep puddles along the way. I was silently hoping our spot would be sheltered from the gusts, so my new hammock recruits wouldn’t be blown around all night. And as we arrived at camp my prayers were answered, as the lay of the land was keeping camp nicely sheltered!

I believe that everybody should experiment with setups and practice getting things right, rather than being shown what to do, or having it done for them. So apart from some help with tree selection and a couple of essential knots, Blonde Two, Mr Bikepacker and Spud all setup their hammocks and tarps on their own. And they all turned out wonderfully. Mr Bikepacker finished at the same time as me ( he’s been hammocking twice before ), so we gathered some firewood and got the fire going downwind of camp, ready for our ‘Adventure Steak’.

As I’ve mentioned before, one of my favourite parts of an adventure is relaxing by the fire with lovely company. Sharing stories, laughing and enjoying the warmth. And all of this is even better with your family ( minus my older brother, who we missed ). We all started getting hungry, so Blonde Two and I started preparing the steak and stilton sandwiches! The steak smelled incredible as it sizzled away on the fire, but it tasted even better.

After about an hour relaxing and chatting by the fire we decided to get ourselves to bed. I waited until last so I could make sure everyone was in and comfy before I snuggled in, mainly so I didn’t have to get out again to help one of the others. We had a little chat from our hammocks, that were rigged within talking distance of each other, and then slowly one by one started to drift off. I noticed that Spud was wriggling and grumbling slightly, so I asked her what was wrong. She was convinced she was going to fall out of her hammock, which unfortunately just made me laugh. And I continued to giggle, but through the laughter, I explained about diagonal sleeping to her and she seemed to settle in a bit more. Finally when all was quiet, I closed my eyes and drifted off. I normally always wake up once at around 3am for a wee break, but this time my bladder held out longer and I woke up at 5am. I of course, fell back asleep until the others started stirring at about 8am. I was particularly amused when Blonde Two asked Mr Bikepacker if he was awake, to which he replied “I am now!”.

 We stayed in our hammocks whilst Mr Bikepacker brewed up some coffee on his stove and handed us a cup each. But then as we were chatting, the cloud cover became heavier overhead, and it began to rain gently. The rain then turned into light snow, which grew and grew until we were huddled in what can only be described as a blizzard. It was truly magical hiding away from the blizzard in our little island of trees. It always surprises me how well covered trees can keep you.

 As the snow died down we decided to think about heading home. We slowly packed up our little homes, and when everyone was ready, headed back towards the reservoir track, and to the truck.

As you must know by now, I love adventures. But to have grown up surrounded by a family that loves them too was an honour. And now, as the tables have turned, I’ve had the chance to show them the brilliance of hammock camping. And I can assure you, this won’t be the last you’ll hear of the Hammocker family!

Happy Hammocking!

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And if you were wandering where the nickname Blonde Two came from, then check out this awesome blog



Amok Draumr 3.0- Review

By SKelly.

Let’s kick things off with a bit of background about me.

I’m known to most as SKelly. I’ve been mentioned in a few posts with Mr Hammocker before, as I am slowly becoming a hammocking fanatic! I love getting away from the daily life and routine that quite a lot of us sink into. Getting out into the woods with a warm fire, some great company, a few cheeky beers and a glorious bed (hammock) for the night is the closest thing to heaven for me. I’m kind of the class clown and can entertain myself in the easiest of ways. That pretty much sums me up, now let’s talk hammocks.

The Hammocker has asked me to take a crack at this reviewing malarkey, with quite an abnormal hammock, the Amok Draumr 3.0 (no it’s not from Yorkshire).

Now for those who haven’t heard of this hammock before, you may be about to have your mind blown.

The Amok Draumr 3.0 is quite a unique concept. The crazy and innovative folks over at Amok, a company based in Norway, have used their engineering and entrepreneurial brains to craft an impressive design. When I first took a look at the Amok in detail I realised what a game changer this hammock could be.  Unlike “normal” hammocks the idea behind the Amok Draumr 3.0 is that instead of laying from side to side along your tree line, you instead lay perpendicular to the tree line. You also lay completely flat without having to be on a diagonal.  This is achieved  by using a specific inflatable mat, one that has tubes like a pool lilo.

This helps keep the rigidity and stops you just flopping out of the hammock.

Now we’ve kind of got our head around what the hammock is, let’s get into the pros and cons.


The Amok Draumr 3.0 is designed beautifully and the stitching looks immaculate and just everything about it wants you to love it. There are pockets everywhere on this design and either side of you as you’re laying down there is more than enough room for anything you could possibly need. When we’ve been out on a few trips I shove everything from coats, extra jumpers to snacks and drinks down there. All of them are really accessible and convenient to use.

 The design of the hammock also gives you a really useful ridge-line which you can clip anything and everything onto. I found clipping head lamps and water bottles to it works a treat. The Amok Draumr 3.0 also comes with a built-in midge net that has a little crab you can clip straight onto your ridge-line to keep it out of your face, which is a nice touch.

 The hammock is quite simple to put up, as even the suspension is included and already attached. I love the laser cut crabs with the Amok logo on them, style points!

 The adjuster straps are awesome and in my eyes, the best part of this hammock. You can pull on some straps on the inside of the hammock which raise your hammock up into a chair position or if you loosen the lay you down flat into sleep mode.


Now for some things that I think took away from the beauty of the Amok Draumr 3.0.

The whole set-up is quite bulky for all you gram nuts out there. The full set-up tops in at about 2kg, but that does include the tarp and pegs, which all pack down inside the main stuff stack, which measures about 14 x 6.5 inches.

Getting in and out of this set-up is a little bit of a nightmare. Even after using it on multiple trips I still haven’t perfected it. The material the hammock is made out of is far too slippery for you to enter it the way that Amok intended. You are meant to fold up the bottom of the matt and hold the ridge-line tight and try to sit down on the hammock without sliding out. It’s just not the easiest, let’s leave it at that.

The tarp, it’s just not big enough. Not to cope with the blustery sideways rain of the UK anyway. They have included an extra piece of material for your head and feet which is a great idea but still not big enough for the hammock. You can see from this photo that even with no-one in the hammock the head end pushes up against the tarp, which results in a difficult sleep.

PIC 14

The final consideration of the hammock is what it’s like to sleep in. Bear in mind I’m only 5ft 10” and weigh just under 11 stone (not exactly the biggest lad out there). I just couldn’t have a single decent nights sleep in it. Either the rain would blow in from the sides or it would hit the tarp and I would end up swinging back and forth because my feet touched the tarp when I was sleeping. Now, a gentle rock in a hammock, I actually quite like, but let’s just say, it wasn’t quite a gentle ‘rock you to sleep’ kind of deal. Think more like a swing set!


To sum up, I wanted to love this hammock and use nothing but this kit ever again. I wasn’t even put off by the size and weight or the fact I had to fork out an extra £90 on a specific inflatable mat, which isn’t even included with the Amok Draumr 3.0, but you need one to use it. When I saw that the hammock came with a beer bottle holder (other beverages are available) I looked everywhere to buy one, as I had to have it!

Now that I own one, I’m a little upset as it’s not really a sleeping hammock. It makes more of a perfect chair than a hammock. If you’re looking for a totally amazing chair, that hangs off the ground or for a spot of fishing then look no further, just don’t expect a good nights sleep.

PIC 14

PIC 13

Cheers for reading,


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Snugpak Underblanket- Review

By Hammocker.

After bringing you our review of the Snugpak Hammock Cocoon recently, it’s time to take a look at their Underblanket. After all, everyone likes having a toasty bottom!


The Underblanket is designed to hang below your hammock and trap warm air in its insulation. If you just use a sleeping bag the insulation can become crushed between you and the hammock, therefore rendering it useless at keeping you warm. You can read a bit more about Underblankets and different ways to stay warm in a hammock here.

The Snugpak Underblanket measures in at 210cm x 148cm, which is plenty big enough for most people. The outer fabric is Micro Diamond Polyester and the inner fabric is made from an antibacterial Polyester. The insulation is Travelsoft polyester. The blanket weighs in at 1450g and costs around £49.


I have used the Underblanket several times now and have given it a good run for its money. It has elastic that runs down a channel on each side, with a cinch toggle at the centre to help trap the warm air. It also has an extra piece of elastic cord at each end to tie up the ends to stop warm air escaping. It is very easy to fit to most hammock styles, I use mini clips to attach it to my suspension, but you could tie it just as easily. Make sure you don’t have it too tight around your bum once you’re in the hammock, because this will dramatically affect the warmth.

I have used this quilt all the way down to around freezing, and it performed very well. It usually takes me fifteen minutes or so to warm up once I’m snuggled up, but once my body gets up to temperature, the blanket keeps me toasty all night long.


I didn’t have a problem fitting the blanket at all, but take the time to play around to get the right tightness before sleeping, you don’t want it tight around your body, but close enough to trap the toasty air. The side cinch toggles make it really easy to adjust once you’re in the hammock.


In conclusion, for the price, this Underblanket is truly awesome. It has brilliant thermal qualities and is very easy to fit. If you are choosing between this and other similarly priced items, then we highly recommend this one. If I could change one thing it would be the pack size and weight, it is a bit bulky. But one thing you often sacrifice with a cheap price point, is fancy lightweight insulation. If I lost this in the woods tomorrow, I would go out and buy a new one.

Happy Hammocking!


The equipment featured in this review has been sent to Hammocker Ltd in exchange for this post. The review contains the honest and truthful opinions of the Hammocker team at the time the post was written. Hammocker Ltd is not affiliated with Snugpak in any official capacity.

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