I am very pleased to announce that I am now an official ambassador for Rogue Hammocks, a fantastic startup business that creates its own amazing hammocking products in house. I have personally tested their products and think they’re brilliant. You can now purchase Rogue products through the Hammocker blog by clicking here. This is a summary of the business from the Rogue team themselves. Enjoy! 



Rogue Hammocks is run by myself (Helen) and my partner Sean. We both work in the outdoor industry and love to go out on our own adventures when we can. For the last year or so most of these adventures have involved sleeping in a hammock! Our friend and ambassador Olly Darby runs a successful hammocking blog called Hammocker and he introduced first Sean and then me to the concept of not having to sleep on the ground.

Sean is very much a lover of tinkering and he was always looking for ways to improve and downsize his set-up. Me, I like things to be simple and no-fuss so I can enjoy sitting by a campfire rather than fiddling around with my gear. It didn’t take long for us to wonder whether it was possible for us to come up with a solution ourselves.

Our major product is our Rogue Rocker and Super Simple Strap System. The Rogue Rocker is a simple gathered end hammock available in different sizes and colours made from ripstop polyester. The Super Simple Strap System utilises a cinch buckle to create a very easy-to-use and easily adjustable set up. We also sell a removal bug net, double layered hammocks, beanies and some accessories that can be bought separately.

We hope to be able to offer products for complete beginners right through to hardened veterans of hammock camping. Our gear is so lightweight it can easily be brought along on a walk or a paddling trip- whether or not you are planning to sleep in it or not.

We make everything to order and sew it ourselves right here in the UK. This allows us to cater to any special requests that people have for their hammocks. Everything we use we source here in the UK apart from our cinch buckles which we currently have to import from America. (If anyone knows of a company that would make them here, let us know!)

We also do complete custom jobs where we will create gear out of fabric that people have sourced themselves or requested specially.

We have been up and running since April and have some big ideas for what we would like Rogue Hammocks to be able to offer in the future. Our aim still remains the same since we started and that’s to make hammocking accessible and fun!