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We pick up the story on day 3; the first full day of paddling.

I started off my morning with a quick dip to wake myself up (and I do mean quick as it was warm outside but not in the Loch!) Some other people started their morning with the realisation that they had acquired a few ticks. This was something I knew you had to be aware of in Scotland and I was a bit nervous because I had never had one before and I was worried that I wouldn’t recognise a tick if I did have one on me.


I had to get over that pretty quickly as a quick check found a few straight away, including one right on my bottom. I had to call in the cavalry to remove it for me which was a highly amusing and humbling experience.

Breakfast had and ticks removed, we paddled our way to a beautiful, ancient burial site. It was another amazingly sunny day but we  were warned to cover up before exploring the site as it was notorious for being tick infested. A few of us braved it and had a look around, counting the number of McDonald headstones we could see. I can’t remember the tally but it was a lot.


The wind proved favourable enough for us to rig our boats together and sail our way to a nearby town for some lunch. We split into two groups and as my boat was in the front of one set up I took on the essential role of being the figurehead for our boat.

We had a bit of a race and sang the Pirates of the Caribbean theme tune relentlessly until we could pull up for lunch.

We all took the opportunity to have a meal that we didn’t have to clean up after, stock up on water and use the facilities. It was at this point that I discovered my second lot of ticks. Needless to say, I removed these ones myself.


After lunch we paddled on and found ourselves an irresistible swimming hole before pulling up to a lovely castle where we stopped to have a look around.


Camp that night was on what seemed like our own private island where we created a bit of a hammock village. We enjoyed stunning views with our dinner and campfire waffles to finish off a spectacular day. I even got to spend the night with my tarp off. Ace!


Tune in soon for part four of this great adventure!

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