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I have ‘tested’ many varieties of camping food over the years and as you know, food is very dear to me. I think the meals you eat can truly make the difference between a successful adventure and a not so successful one. So I was delighted when our friends over at TentMeals sent us some samples of their food.  

 TentMeals are a reasonably young company and are based here in the UK. Their meals are hand packed and are packed full of various lovely ingredients. Their range currently features two main meals and two breakfasts. The main meals are couscous based but with lots of extra nice bits added in. The breakfasts are porridge based but again they have lots of goodies added to fill them out.

They’re  cooked by simply adding 500ml of hot water and leaving for seven minutes. I would strongly recommend finding something to do in that seven minutes while you wait, otherwise you will be very tempted to munch your meal too early! As AC and I found on a recent trip to the woods, when we sampled the porridge.


These meals are packed with energy and the main meals pack over 800kcal in each pack. The breakfasts contain over 700kcal. I am a big eater and these meals fill me up nicely every time. AC couldn’t finish her porridge and she is more of an average sized eater than myself.

The TentMeals range currently consists of four meals which are;

Moroccan style couscous

Italian style couscous

Cinnamon sweet porridge

Blueberry burst porridge

I am assured that more meal options are on the way in the future, there is even a rumour of a Jalfrezi spiced couscous coming soon!

In conclusion these meals are fantastic. They compliment any adventure with great taste, energy content and easy cooking. I would highly recommend these meals to anyone who is looking for some great food to eat on their own personal trips. I hope the range of meals grows in the future because the choice isn’t currently that extensive, and more options of different carbs would be fantastic, I’m sure some people don’t like couscous so maybe a rice or pasta option would be a great addition. But all in all, a very positive experience from us at Hammocker.

Happy Hammocking!


The meals featured in this review have been sent to Hammocker Ltd in exchange for this post. The review contains the honest and truthful opinions of the Hammocker team at the time the post was written. Hammocker Ltd is not affiliated with TentMeals in any official capacity.


  1. nice review, but you missed the most important bit of info. What’s the cost and the calorie to weight ratio? Also do you cook in the bag or in your pot?

  2. Hi Olly
    Very interested in the Tentmeals, if you have one spare, get your mom to pop one in her ruck sack for when she comes Bothying with me in a few weeks time…
    Keep on living the dream
    Heather x

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