By Hammocker.

I am very happy to introduce you all to my new adventure companion, Opie. Before you ask, he is named after a character from a TV show and it’s pronounced ‘Opee’ not ‘OhPie’. He is A Jack Russell cross Border Terrier and he is currently thirteen weeks old.


He has been at his new home for nearly a month and he is settling in very well. His daily walks are quite small at the moment but when the weekend arrives, we take him on some lovely adventures. And as you may have guessed, our most recent adventure, definitely involved a hammock and dog trial run!

We headed up to a wonderful spot by a little reservoir to let him have a proper run around and explore. But before he could get too muddy, I setup Old Tango, my Rogue Hammock, for him to sit in with me.



I was dubious at first, as he looked a bit restless, but after a minute or two he soon settled down and even had a little nap. After a little relax, he went off to splash in the bogs and have a good run around. He even pretended to be ‘king of the hill’!



Opie and I will hopefully be heading out on our first hammock adventure soon. But we will probably wait until after winter for his first attempt at an overnighter. I have plans afoot to make him a doggy hammock, that sits above mine on the ridgeline so he doesn’t overheat in my down sleeping bag.

I would be incredibly interested in hearing about your hammock/canine adventures, and to know what worked for you and what didn’t. Because we all know that sometimes it’s funnier when things don’t quite go to plan.

Heres to many Opie and Hammocker adventures!

Happy Hammocking!

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